Monday, June 13, 2011

How do you take your coffee?

Foreward: If you get these jokes, good for you. If you don't get these jokes, good for you anyway because you're lucky. Note that you can only enjoy this article fully if you happen to be a trekkie.

Not Foreward:

Ask twenty people and you will probably get at least ten different answers. Well, twenty coffee drinkers anyway. Some only drink black coffee, others can only stand it with amounts of creamer that almost make me sick. Some take one lump of sugar, others two, some take only cream. Even after all that, you have espresso, cappuccino, latte, and all kinds of other variations which make coffee available to more people.

As a geek, I myself drink coffee at times. I'm highly irregular in every way however, and it's hard to put my finger on any habits. I've narrowed it down to mood and activities. Duh, staying up late working on a project equals drinking coffee. However, sometimes I drink it for the heck of it, sometimes I can't get enough of it, sometimes I just like the flavor at the moment, etc.

How I take my coffee is a can of worms in of itself. I've narrowed it down to mood. If I wish I had more time in my schedule, I often find myself diluting it with things like cream or milk, sometimes to extreme amounts. If I'm frustrated, I often find myself brewing a *very* strong pot and drinking it black. Then again I sometimes add extra sugar for the extra energy, or sometimes just mindlessly dump whatever is in front of me in the cup on the way back to my computer.

You may find it interesting that a person with my heredity would be influenced by things like frustration or wist-fullness. For those of you who don't know, I'm half Vulcan, about a quarter Klingon, and then another quarter Italian. It's hard to think such of a half-Vulcan, but remember what happens when you mix Vulcan and Klingon blood, let alone get Italian mixed in there.

Anyway, I tend to channel my feelings into things like how I take my coffee, so there's no need for worry about my 11 year mating cycle causing me to seek a warriors honorable revenge of my woman by putting the hit on you. Yea, mixing those together can create some interesting situations. ;)

I guess this is what happens when I try to write a whole article on coffee with too much of it in my system.




  1. gaa! what is the use of this!!! Somewhat humorous I will admit, however, I have a sad empty feeling inside indicating that I have made no progress in life by reading this. That is my critique :-p

  2. Ya, the whole point is the humor. Looking at the world through cynical glasses gives things a "I'm kidding but you know I'm right" kind of air.