Beep Boop EP

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It's Chiptune time! I hadn't made a lot of Chiptune, despite being a big fan of the genre, largely because I was afraid that peeps would get all up in my face for conforming only stylistically to the genre. Then I said bork it and made this EP. Because really, I like chiptune and I wanted to make some. All but one of the tracks are pure Synth1 output or pure Bleep output, but they were all composed on a piano roll in LMMS. No trackers, no vintage hardware, nothing but style. If you like chiptune because you appreciate the art of mastering old hardware and specific types of GUI's, then this is not the EP for you. But if you like Chiptune because it goes "Beep Boop" and forces creativity, this is your lucky day, because this EP is for you.

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