Cybernetic Epix EP

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During my journey to have fun playing with music genre's and synthesizers I created a set of tracks that eventually became this, my first EP. The style incorporates modern cinematic styles with retro space opera music, Synthpop, Electro, and Acid.

Tracks 1 and 3 are videogame remixes which I planned on submitting to OCRemix. In the end, I only submitted the first, but it has not been judged as of the time this page was created.

UPDATE: They rejected it.

While this EP was largely fun experimentation with genre's and sound design, it does have a pretty high level of production quality as well as being a pleasure to the ears with plenty of artistic value. It bears the marks of an artist working within a familiar structure. I no longer felt that I had a lack of knowledge or skill to fight against, and I think that this EP is better for it.

But enough rambling. I have no one interested in interviewing me about this project, so I hope some will find interesting information in said rambling. Regardless, I hope that many people can appreciate and enjoy this EP.

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