Rhyme Or Reason

A fourth LazerBlade album, Rhyme Or Reason, hit Cyberspace on November 10th, 2012. The title of the album is a giveaway that it itself is lacking any particular artistic direction or genre constraints. To quote the title track: "There is no rhyme or reason to why these songs are stuffed in here together."

In contrast however, each individual track has a relatively clear point and direction. From tracks themed after videogame scenarios (Obstacle Removed, Interception, Do This) to snarky, satirical and often ironic songs full of dry humor and intentional meta (Rhyme Or Reason, Teenage Drama, Cave Cracker, Happy Song,) to more progressive tracks designed to provide a full emotional experience (TranceOrama, Penultimate, Requiem For Love) and more, there are enough different moods, genres and unique sounds in this album to keep it fresh and interesting all the way through.

So what are you waiting for? Some biased pundit to ask you what you're waiting for? Why not give it a listen?

Update-able trivia time!

* Retrospectron(track 5) was another fun collaboration between me and Tympainum.
* This is my first album that doesn't include all tracks not already in an album for a reason other than them not being the same level of quality.
* Requiem For Love is a Trance remix of a piano piece I composed to play in one of my yearly recitals.
* I went through three pairs of headphones while creating this album. Yes, I know I should get a serious pair sometime.