Friday, February 7, 2014

Video Editing

I've recently been studying the science of THERE ARE NO GOOD VIDEO EDITORS FOR LINUX! It's kind of annoying.

LazerBlade's Funhouse episode 2 (LMMS Revival) was a grotesque pain to edit, because openshot literally had a 50/50 chance of crashing every time I did anything. That video wasn't even that complicated. The one I'm shooting right now however, is several levels more complicated, and I'm not prepared to deal with the crashiness of Openshot or PiTiVi while trying to edit it.

And yes, I know Lightworks has a free version for Linux. The problem is, they only have a 64-bit version, which means I'll need to install a 64-bit distro alongside my 32-bit one (since I run 32-bit because a number of things have broken 64-bit versions). This completely defeats the purpose of a Linux video editor, because if I wanted to reboot every time I wanted to edit videos, I could just reboot into my Windows installation.

Maybe PiTiVi has cleaned up its act since I phased it out in the end of Music Hacker season 2? Let me try it...

Nope. It's broken to the point where it's not even arguably usable. Maybe it's just some idiosyncrasy with my setup, but the effect is the same. I now have to go learn a new video editor, and then be doomed to reboot every time I want to do video editing.

I am so miffed that I wrote a rant that was long enough that it seemed out of place for a little Google+ blip, so I wrote a small but whole blog post about it.