Monday, June 6, 2011

Cyberspace - Almost a week later

So, I posted a few days back about cyberspace and cyberpunk visuals. I even included a nifty cyberspace visualization I threw together pretty quickly. I ended up liking it, and couldn't stop tweaking around with and improving it.

I finally pulled myself away from tweaking for a whole nine hours in order to render an animation for you:

I admit, the camera motion is pretty simple and a bit too fast, but I still like it. In fact, I'm thinking about contributing it to that web-show I mentioned I was making music for. I showed it to the rest of the crew and they're liking it, so it will probably evolve into the main cyberspace visualization of the show.

I can change the animation in a pinch, so I would only have render times to worry about. I could just wait for the very rare occurrence of the phenomenon where I get more than six or seven hours of sleep.

Yes, we still haven't released our first episode yet. Did I just say we? I'll probably be one of the main contributers, and I'm already an official part of the group. Be a little patient, links will come when the first episode it out.

I'll probably keep improving this, as there aren't any kind of little glowing things flying around. I should also add some kind of fish eye camera effects and some motion blur. That will probably make my already ridiculously over-sized composite network even bigger, but meh.

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