Thursday, July 14, 2011

Digging up the dead (projects)

I just love digging up projects I once had on hold. You may have guessed based on the last post that I revived my movie project. You are correct. I dug out my old 3d computer lab and started working on it in Blender again. I posted it on BlenderArtists to get some critique so that I could know what to improve. Here is the latest version at the time of this post:

It's the same old lab but you can probably tell I've been working on it. There's still a lot to do, but that doesn't mean it hasn't progressed. I'm also trying to get some good looking droids together in Blender, but that's apparently quite hard when you have nothing but your imagination to guide you. Maybe I should dig up some free concept art or write some out myself. I dunno...

As for the script and storyboard, those are secret. I'm hiding them until after I finish. If I fail first, THEN you can see them.

I have zero work done on the protagonist, but I have some idea's. The idea I've given the most thought to is not showing their face. I'd have to have them wear a motorcycle helmet or something sometimes, but it would really help set the mood. It would also help me get around the problem at being really horrible at facial modelling...

So anyway, this project is no longer on hold. No guarantee's that I'll move very fast, I'll probably actually end up only posting every once in awhile because of how slow it will be. And no, I'm not setting up a time budget because my estimate would either be way to huge or way to tiny. I don't really have experience with such large projects.


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