Saturday, November 3, 2012

Infiltrator Part 42 - Swarms Of Warriors

Swing your partner left and right, wrap your code up nice and tight. Throw your partner on the ground,  spend a little time on sound. When you hit them in the face, make your swarmers fly with grace. No ID you wear a hood, warriors also going good.

Also, I'm in one of those moods where all the little personalities in my head want me to do different things at the same-BREAK IT DOWN NOW!

Okay, steady... steady... pork tarts... steady...

The swarmers are now complete in terms of mechanics. It took some doing to figure out why they would never go exactly where I thought they should, but they are now tuned quite well. They even have the useful application of being fired around corners into enemies that can't reach you yet.

After that, I touched up a bunch of the code and did some minor sound FX improvements. Those were pretty much things I wanted to get out of the way before I started fleshing out the heavy warrior.

The design for the heavy warrior is complete, as well as about 70% of its AI programming. It's mostly just its guns and firing that still need setup. It's a huge change from implementing the shredder. The shredder had really complex and relatively intelligent AI coupled with aggressive behavior but was balanced because it did not have strong armor. The warrior on the other hand is a big dumb slow heavily armored death machine that can do massive damage in very few hits. Once the heavy warrior is completed, I will probably divert attention to the ergonomics of the level editor before returning to complete the assault master.


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