Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Infiltrator Part 34 - Style Cam

There isn't a whole ton to say about this session. I guess it's mostly because a lot of the work that got done was under the hood where the end user will likely never see. Still, there are some pretty major changes happening on the outside as well.

Sorry, wrong room
But first, check out the totally awesome add caption button on the image uploader! I totally didn't know that was there. Ahem...

So yes, I have finally gotten around to setting up that rotating camera I've been musing over. It makes the game feel quite different. It feels more immersive, and I really like it. It's an option, but at the moment there is no options menu to change it. You have to change a variable and recompile the whole shebang to change camera modes. Yea, the options menu is high priority on my TODO list.

Aside from the change of the camera mode there is very little difference on the outside. Inside however, things are shifting all over the place. Us programmers don't like to have giant pieces of ugly code to wade through when we want to change something. We even have uber cool terms for bad code like "spaghetti code," "kludge," and "Where the barf does the person who wrote this live! I will go to their house and tear them to shreds!" I am in no rush to have any of those terms applied to me, so I was a bit dismayed to find that the chunk of code that handles levels in this game was a "kludge" of sorts. I spent a bunch of time cleaning it up, and it's now in a more presentable state. It's not pretty yet, but it's not too ugly anymore either.

So, uhhh..... That's pretty much it. Here, look at this nifty screenshot of the player getting blasted by a shredder in the holodeck style test level:


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