Saturday, January 21, 2012

Infiltrator Part 11

After having a somewhat longer session, I kinda wish I had more visual differences to show. Lots of stuff is going on under the hood though, so lets talk about that.

The biggest change is the addition of a level editor mode. Just pass in the argument
"-editor" on the command line, and it will start in level editor mode. If you passed that in, you can also pass in the path to the level file you want to edit. Or, if you want to play a different level, you can just use a command line of the format "Infiltrator -level levelfile.lvl" where levelfile.lvl is the path and filename of the level file to play.

As you can see, the gui currently provides you with two major elements. The first indicates which level is being read from the top left of the screen. The second is the object selector, almost dominating the left side of the screen. Objects are organized in four categories, which can be switched between a lot like tabs in a web-browser.

I have code to select different objects when they're clicked on, but it doesn't give the user any indication of which object is currently selected.

I have one last thing to note in this short session review(hey, that's an awesome name for these!) Many of you may or may not recognize the pixelship I drew for the player. It's basically ripped 100% from the Descent 2 Pyro GX, as well as the alien fighter model. This will cause major IP problems if I ever release this game, especially if I get crazy and decide to sell it. So I need to create a new player ship. It will also appear on the desktop backgrounds I make, posters, trailers, menus, etc, so I need a 3d model of it as well.

Right now I'm discussing designs for the new ship with my co-designer while we draw up concept art. No idea when we'll have a new ship ready. But until then, have fun biting your nails and hoping it's awesome.


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