Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Infiltrator - Season 3 Part 6

This session was mostly a raw content boost. I've decided that enemy screenshots are not going to be counted as spoilers. So here:

I not only setup all five enemy types, but I also set the level reading class up to load these enemies from a level file. As you can see, I then took advantage of my carefully constructed framework to add in a few simple lines of code which caused the enemies to face the player.

Some basic physics are being set up, but they are quite experimental, and prone to breaking. I would need a video to show you how the physics work anyway, so I'm not going to be showcasing them this time around.

As an additional bonus, I setup a second camera mode. In this mode, W,A,S and D always move your ship like arrow keys, regardless of which way it's facing. At the moment it's a hardwired option, but I'm hoping to have a few camera modes available for selection in the menu of the final game.


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