Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Infiltrator part 8

See how I dropped the season number? Cute move huh? This session doesn't look that different aesthetically from the last, but a lot of changes have happened under the hood. Let's look at a scree-no let's not look at a screenshot. It wouldn't look any different. The invisible difference, is that physics have become integrated via Box2D.

That's right, I've spent all this time bending my game and Box2D to mesh together. Realistic physics can add or take away a lot from a game, and this is a case where I think it will add. Unlike my escapades in the original Infiltrator, I've already solved all the problems that slowed me down and eventually stopped me.

This is the part where a few things start to fall into place and make an experience. Before, this was merely and experiment that spat out data in graphical form. Only a few pieces need yet to be connected before it creates an experience. So la-dee-da for me. Yay.


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