Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Infiltrator - Season 3 Part 5

So I fixed that bug.

Okay fine, you deserve a bit more explanation than that. Since my job here is more or less to entertain you with painfully true statements, all within an interesting and paradoxical self reference, I think I'll give you a bit more detail.

I didn't need to use the view class from SFML. In fact, mine was working fine. The problem came in when I was checking to force objects to bump into walls instead of going through them. I was forgetting to use frame-rate independent movement in the calculations, while still doing it when manipulating the game state. This effectively broke everything.

But it's fixed now. And now I added the spiffy feature to read any number of enemies from a level file and spawn them within the level. In order to avoid spoilers, the screenshot of a bunch of enemies spawned is linked here instead of stuck up in your face.


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