Saturday, January 11, 2014

New album and new track

I am officially making it official. I am producing a new album with a working title of "Glamtastic". The plan is to make a bunch of hot pink glam tracks infused with LazerBlade synth work. What is probably going to be the main track of the album was just released today.

This track is the first of mine in years to be produced with FL Studio. I really could have made this exactly as it is with LMMS, but with FL Studio is was much easier and quicker.

Aside from solidifying my primary DAW switch, this track has lots of fun little allegorical meanings for everyone. It would spoil the fun if I just explained all of them, so I'll just say that the main point of the track is an explanation of one of the big things I like about Glam apart from it's aesthetics.

In Punk, Emo, Goth, or other music genre's tied very tightly to their subculture and movement, at least some set of ideals or messages are usually espoused by the artists and patrons of that genre and movement. On the other hand, Glam is just about the show, music, presentation, and performance. Going over the top and getting kicks out of transgressive and gender bending performance are only ideals of the show, not necessarily of the people who perform of who attend. I don't listen to David Bowie because I think he's some kind of activist for expression of sexuality, I listen to David Bowie because it's crazy and fun and queer in the sense of being odd and seeming off. Yes there can be a focus on the personalities involved (Ziggy Stardust, anyone?), but those personalities are only there for fun. I like David Bowie and his personas because I think he's fun, not because I think he's committed to the art or because of anything meta.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that most movements have posers and pretentious idiots in them, but since the whole point of glam is to be a pretentious poser in all the most fun ways, that becomes something that adds instead of taking away.

And here are the lyrics:

When you're walking down the aisle you know that you have got to pose.
You need to flash your teeth and smile and put your boring life on hold.
The people watching, they don't know. People watching see the shoes.
The people watching want the show. The people watching don't know you.

And you're okay with that. You say the scene is cool.
Sparkle time, glitter attack. The glam queen, that is you.

When you drive up to the place the people they all look so bored.
The looks they give you on their faces have no hint of what's to come.
All is silent as you dress with all the shock that a girl could afford,
and now you're ready to impress, with a psychotic tantrum.

And you're okay with that. You say the scene is cool.
Sparkle time, glitter attack. The glam queen, that is you.

That is you.

People always ask you what you believe what you think.
They always want to get the scoop and know the way you tick.
You've taken the task to ponder before and make your response succinct.
You're only shaunty for the fun and you do the show for kicks.

And you're okay with that. You say the scene is cool.
Sparkle time glitter attack. The glam queen, that is you.

The glam queen, that is you.


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