Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Art Pipelines

Let's talk art! Because I make art!

I've developed an interesting method of creating paperware art. I start by creating digital guidelines, since adding a computer to the mix makes that much easier. Then I print those lines out and follow/interpret/trace them with a pencil on another piece of paper.

Scanned Guide Line Print

This is the first work I used this method on. It's a butterfly, because butterflies are groovy.

After I have the guide line print, the rest is basically the same as a normal paperware art flow. I follow pencil guidelines with a permanent black marker or pen. Then I erase all of the pencil (which is easy because I don't have to worry about messing up the permanent lines), and then I do shading/coloring. In this case, there was no shading involved since I was going with a very minimal and stylized aesthetic. Also, I haven't really learned about or developed skills with shading yet.

Finished Work

Filling in the wings of a stylized butterfly is a lot like drawing stylized circuit patterns. You're basically just streaming all of the creativity you can in order to fill very tight constraints with something complex and aesthetically appealing. I still need to create a giant image of stylized circuit patterns so that I can just copy a piece of it out and use it whenever I need to. I can't afford to spend 2+ hours drawing circuit patterns on every art project that would be improved by them.

Yes that's part of what took the music hacker season 3 stock animations so long. Yes that means that I'm pretty much finished with those. I'm working on the splash screen now, and I'm hoping to start shooting episode footage pretty soon. I'm planning on just taking a few days and shooting a ton of episodes worth, and then just editing them together as I upload them.


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