Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cybernetic Epix Update

My new EP, Cybernetic Epix, is coming along quite nicely. All but the first and fourth tracks are complete, and even the first is in its final post-production stage. As you can see, I've also got some cover art going. Unfortunately, I'm not confident enough to set a release date at the moment, but I'm hoping everything will be done in a month or so.

All of the tracks were made with some kind of videogame or movie in mind. There are two remixes here, but those are the only tracks that took inspiration from a specific movie or game. The rest try to take epic space opera movie music and splash it with synthpop, retro, and whatever struck the LazerBlade fancy of the moment.

This is fun stuff to make, and I'd be sad to move on to other projects if I didn't know they were going to be greater than or equally fun. Read: Chiptune.

Now I have to say that I'll keep everyone up to date so that I don't get lazy finishing this. ;)


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