Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Air juggle

Choosing a title for this post was a bit clumsy. To get to the point, I'm messing around with several different projects right now and doing different things in each. I'm obviously working on Infiltrator, so lets start with that.

Infiltrator is at a very important crossroads. What I do now will effect Infiltrator all the way until it's finished. Currently I'm porting the code over to SFML 2, and then I'm going to look into redoing the camera perspectives and setting up path finding.

Next we have 'Cybernetic.' Cybernetic is my ongoing Blender3D fun project. I have a short movie in mind, but I really just do a ton of different blender files with characters and stuff that I could use in the short. If at some point I have enough content to tell an interesting story, I might devote more resources to that. Here is a screenshot of a droid I'm working on:

In essence, I have a lot of different projects going on, and they are all moving slowly. Music Hacker is still on schedule, meaning episode 8 of season 2 will air on the 24th as planned. Stay tuned.


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