Saturday, February 18, 2012

Infiltrator part 15

Two Infiltrator posts in a row. I must be on a roll...

Nope, I'm on a chair.

This post marks the completion of version 0.0.4. There are some really exciting new features. I'm a programmer not an artist though, so if this level looks awful, you can't blame me. ;)

The level editor has become a fully featured monster. You can reposition the player, place walls of any kind and any appearance anywhere, place as many enemies of any kind anywhere, etc. You're looking at my first level ever created with Infiltrators editor. It's called "cells."

It's basically just three rooms floating in the void, connected by some pathways. There are of course some limitations. For example, adding a new type of barrier to the editor must be done manually, and the background image must also be changed manually. That's not really much of a nuisance though, so I'll be working more on game mechanics than the level editor pretty soon I hope.

I suppose I should start working on collision detection and damage mechanics next. I've also got particle systems, enemy weapons, inventory, conversation, menu, AI, and plenty more. I guess I don't have to worry about being bored for awhile yet. ;)


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