Thursday, August 4, 2011

Infiltrator - Season 2, part 5:

Progress on Infiltrator has slowed way down, mostly because school is taking up most of my time. I've only got a little bit to report this time, but let's have a go at it anyway.

I finally upgraded my internal HDD to a new Terabyte drive. I moved my Mint installation over to the Terabyte drive of course. This impacts Infiltrator because of the screwy NTFS support Mint has. It doesn't allow me to run Linux executables from an NTFS filesystem. Until now, I've had to store most of my files in one giant NTFS filesystem because I had so little space on my internal drive. That effectively made development on Linux a big pain in the face. Now that I can compile and run programs from Linux just as easily as windows, I've moved my Infiltrator development over to Linux. That's right, Infiltrator will be designed and created for Linux, and ported to Windoze if/when I get around to it.

I'm also working more on the enemy framework. It's the biggest part of the game yet(other than the engine I had to write, but that's separate.) The way I'm doing things now, the level file specifies how many enemies will show up at one time maximum. Infiltrator then reads that value and creates a set of memory slots for each enemy using that number as the size.

I don't like this because it doesn't look like it will be easy to adapt and use for other features later on. Mostly, I can't just say "create a new enemy right here of this type," and forget about the rest. I have to worry about size limits and other such things. On top of that, the current version takes up memory for every single enemy, even when none of them are spawned yet. So if you have a level with 100 enemies, Infiltrator will take up enough memory to hold 100 enemies the entire time, even before any of them spawn.

That's okay though, because I've essentially broken the entire thing down in order to re-write it anyway. XD


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